[ExI] The last chance to stop Trump

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 20:57:25 UTC 2016

Oh come off it John.  Even if Trump got deposed it's not like the people
who voted for them, or their problems, are going to disappear.

I voted for Hillary.  But I'm definitely looking forward to less
intervention in Syria.  To the lessening of pointless Cold War animosity
(Obama did it with Cuba.  He also deported a shit ton of people.)

In fact, I seem to recall Trump being a NYC Democrat.  I know for sure that
his Husband didn't sign the DOMA into law, with his approval.  Or bomb
Kosovo.  And I don't remember him laughing about the torture and murder of
a Libyan leader who was favored by most of his country except for the
far-right Islamist militants we armed.  Or committing perjury by lying
about not knowing what the classified symbol in emails meant.  Or
conspiring with a moderator (DNC) that was supposed to be neutral to
suppress the opposition.

I don't believe Clinton gave a shit any more than Trump about anything but
winning.  And I think she fell for, along with half the country, an
honestly brilliant strategy to make her think her opposition was way
stupider than he was, while he stole the Rust Belt under her nose.

This country is founded on revolution.

And yeah, the point of the electoral college is a distrust of democracy.
So go for it and try to convince the electors that now is the time to hit
the crisis button and not elect Trump.  But if that happens, I strongly
suggest you arm yourself.

To be honest, at least we might not get four years of the same shit that
since Eisenhower we've been served and told it was foie gras.
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