[ExI] Off for now

Anders anders at aleph.se
Mon Nov 14 14:42:06 UTC 2016

On 2016-11-12 02:12, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> Is this the group that used to discuss transhumanism, libertarianism, 
> extropy?
> Just burned out, are you?  It seems that side issues are taking over 
> the chats. Politics can certain be related to the issues above, but we 
> are not doing that, are we?  If we are it's too subtle for me.
Exactly. There are important and interesting things happening in AI, 
life extension, nanotechnology, space, transhumanist philosophy and 
cognitive science right now. However, they have no place here, since 
this is clearly a place for yelling about political scenarios. Not 
unimportant, but it presumably means we should take the extropianism 
somewhere else.

I will be at EAGxOxford. See you.

Dr Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
Oxford University

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