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>…Just what lessons did the Repubs learn from being the party of NO?  It worked, didn't it?


Almost.  We still ended up with the ACA, against perfectly unified opposition, who accurately predicted exactly what we are seeing: the young and healthy males didn’t come.  The whole scheme depended on them coming in large numbers to pay for it.  They didn’t.



>…No Obama Supreme Court nominee made it…


Sotomayor and Kagan?


>…I am far less afraid of Trump acting alone than both houses of congress being Repub…


As long as no party holds a supermajority, the damage can be limited.  It is OK to be the party of no.


>…They have a great opportunity to destroy a lot of what we hold dear.  And maybe some things we don't, like the Dept. of Education…


BillW, being as you are an educator, I am really eager to have you expound on that comment.  Since the DeptEd is non-partisan, that isn’t a political post.  I am guessing you are the most qualified person here on that topic.  We are all ears sir.


>…Did you read what Spike's wife got charged? (That may have been between Spike and myself -ask him if you want to know)… bill w


No worries, I will tell.  Last month, my bride had some kind of infection which caused her throat to swell, trouble breathing, panic, mad dash to the Stanford ER at triple-digit speeds in the middle of the night.  They did triage, kept us waiting for over an hour by which time the swelling had already begun to subside and the worst of the crisis passed.  Junior doc gave her an antibiotic and a pain relief shot.  We were there a little over three hours total, less than two of that in actual medical care.  The bill: a bit over 16 thousand dollars.


While there, I looked around to determine why all the ER beds were filled, or why the ER docs were too busy to see us when we came in.  Most of the beds appeared to be occupied by sleeping homeless people who were there because of poking themselves with the synthetic heroin that is so popular these days.  


I asked a few questions and heard what I feared: they get those patients in there, no insurance, no money, no ID, no address, no nothing but a shopping cart with trash and smelly blankets.  The medics can’t do a damn thing for them after the stuff is already in their veins.  So… they fill our ER beds every night.  The doctors can only stand by to see if they survive.  The staff know them by name; frequent fliers in the local ER.  Meanwhile, paying customers are suffering out in the waiting room.  


When we left, the dopers were still in there snoring away blissfully, and a new paying customer was out in the waiting room, perhaps not realizing they were going to pay for nearly everyone else there.  The ACA didn’t fix that; mighta made it worse.  Reasoning: the ER still hasta pay the bills somehow.  One way or another; it hasta go where the money is.  It did.





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