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>>... Alternative: BillK might find us another miracle page somewhere that 
> answers the new question.

>...Wolfram does say - 'The integral is extremely difficult to compute.'
(If it is difficult for Wolfram...........)  :)

OK cool that makes me feel better.  Wolfram came to one of the Extro-schmoozes.  He and Max had a discussion in which he asked what we were about.  They talked for a while, then he left.  I got him to sign my book.

>...Wolfram gives the answer as 0.01384277.....

My sim gives .01384293 but I will be durned if I can figure out why.




Cool BillK thanks.  This technique I used can be extended into four-space and beyond.  I might try it, or I might get back to the original question, for which this was a tangent.

Original question: assume a unit square with a random scattering of points.  Form triangles with the points as vertices until every point is used.  How many different ways can N points form triangles?

My Monte Carlo approach allows me to generate the fields.


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