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>...Wolfram came to one of the Extro-schmoozes.  He and Max had a discussion
in which he asked what we were about.  They talked for a while, then he
left.  I got him to sign my book.

>>...Wolfram gives the answer as 0.01384277.....

>...My sim gives .01384293 but I will be durned if I can figure out why.




If anyone wants either of those sims I wrote, post me offlist.  Perhaps you
can extend the concept and do some cool tricks.  We recognize that anyone
who uses Excel as a programming environment is living in sin.  Flimsy
excuse: I am not a programmer, only an engineer.  I took up Excel to do
rocket ascent sims, then later to do controls calcs at work, then math geek
stuff.  My Excel abuse just continued to get worse and worse until I was a
hopeless dismal mess, vile, a reprehensible blot was I.  Have mercy upon my
wretched soul, ye who write in real languages.

It would be cool to have someone figure out a way to extend the concept to
four-space, take five random points in a unit hypercube, form a penteract,
calculate its spacetime hypervolume via Monte Carlo.


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