[ExI] video games take 2

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 23:15:21 UTC 2017

On 5 August 2017 at 20:04, William Flynn Wallace  wrote:
> BillK, maybe you need to get out and do some planting so you'll have
> something green to look at.  Now if we can tour the Louvre, go underwater on
> coral reefs, stroll Japanese gardens and many others thing with VR, I will
> definitely buy into that, as I can't do that in reality any more.

But I live in my parents basement! The only thing I can grow down here
is mushrooms and they're not green. My parents think I left home years
ago as they never look behind the storage cabinets in the basement. :)

> What Christian wrote is 100% psychologically healthy, I think.  What I fear,
> for others, is that they will play games rather than have a life in the
> world of trees and flowers and other people.  Retreating to video games or
> other pursuits, as many social phobics do, is just not healthy.

This is similar to why almost everybody uses Facebook every day. If
all your relatives, friends and contacts are on Facebook then you have
to go there as well to keep in touch. It will be the same in the VR
world. If all your friends are spending their time there, then you
will go there as well.

> Rather than play games, they need to develop social skills.  Again, I tend
> to see this as a problem in a teen who isn't 'with it'.  They need to be
> dragged, kicking and screaming, if necessary, into the world of people to
> develop those social skills necessary for most of us to to those things Tara
> listed for us.

It is not just teens that are playing video games. The 20-30s males
are heavily involved as well.
Have you ever tried taking the smartphone away from a teen? The
i-generation cannot live without their smartphone. It will be the same
with the VR world.

The thing is that people won't see the VR world as 'playing games'.
The VR world will become more exciting and 'real' than their boring
day-to-day existence. Social skills are needed to get along with other
people in the VR world, just as in the old world.

The world is shape-shifting around us. The future will be 'different'.


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