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>…I seem to recall some notable physicist in the 1800s saying that heavier-than-air flight was impossible…


Wouldn’t it be fun: a learned 1800s physicist is in the process of saying that heavier than air flight is impossible, right when a gull flies over and drops a load on his head.



>…BTY - I remember Connections and its sequel (???) very well and loved them, but for a history of science that is that interesting I dunno any others.  Do you?...



The sequel is called The Day the Universe Changed.  Both mini-series were excellent.






>…Anybody?  Connections was not like a complete textbook and probably would be dull if it were…bill w



BillW, I have both books, and both are excellent.  Burke stayed fairly close to the script when he made the TV series.  I think of them as Britain’s answer to Sagan’s Cosmos.





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