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> Now that you mention it however, please offer your take on something that
> has long puzzled me: why didn’t the Dutch get to powered flight first?
> They had way more understanding of aerodynamics than anyone because of
> their experience with the windmills.  They were early adopters of the
> German Nickolaus Otto’s marvelous internal combustion engine.  They had
> plenty of flat ground on which to build runways.  They were well along in
> the industrial revolution, factories and such.  They had worked out the
> notion of rigid cantilevered structures such the windmill blades.  I am
> amazed the yanks would get powered flight off the ground first, with the
> French in close pursuit.  I would have thought the Dutch would be the first
> to fly, followed by the Germans with the Yanks third and the French well
> back there.
Your intuition is good Spike,
he wasn't the first but
​it turns out ​
Anthony Fokker
​ of World War 1 Fokker
​ fame was Dutch not German ​as I'd always assumed until about 20 seconds
ago. I just love the internet!

 John K Clark

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