[ExI] Why Instagram, Facebook, etc. makes you unhappy.

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 14:45:53 UTC 2017

Wil Chang  9 Aug 2017  (10 min read).


Instagram has hacked into your core social survival mechanisms as a
tribal hunter-forager. It allows us to spread gossip, pursue social
status, and make human connections. We now do it exponentially faster
than ever before in the history of human civilization. We used to only
compare ourselves to our 150 tribe members. Now we see the most
successful, the most beautiful, the most fortunate of 7.5 billion
people in our feed every day.

Here’s the kicker: you only post when your life is fun and
interesting. Your Instagram profile is a collection of the most
amazing moments. It’s obvious that your photos don’t actually
represent your actual monotonous daily affairs. Yet, when you start
scrolling, you magically forget all of this. Your friends are all
living wonderful, fulfilling lives while you’re scrolling in the
elevator. Remember this: your friends are in their own elevators,
thinking the same thing about you.

Also has a reference list of good articles at the end for further reading.


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