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>  I do urge you to read Charles Darwin, excellent writer, such a proper
> gentleman you just want to hug him.
​I agree, even if you took away his genius Darwin was the sort of person
you'd want to have as a friend. Not all great scientists are like that,
Newton was a very unpleasant character. ​

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> Darwin reminds me of Anders Sandberg: smart as a whip, nice,
> even-tempered, never has a negative thing to say about anyone, even if they
> deserve it.
​About the only person Darwin just couldn't stand was Richard Owen, the man
who coined the word "dinosaur". Owen was in the habit of writing savage
reviews of Origin Of Species anonymously (but Darwin found out who was
doing it) while praising his own work in the third person.   ​


 John K Clark​
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