[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

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The freeway is wide, so I know they won't hit me from behind,   spike


The short time I had a motorcycle I discovered that some people just don't look for motorcycles.  They'd pull out in front of me like I wasn't even there.  They look for cars and when they don't see any.....


Is this an ongoing problem for cyclists?


bill w




Always a problem.  Bicycles are even worse.  A prole has to ride as if he is invisible.


Our visual cortex or whatever it is that allows us to do pattern recognition while we are driving is tuned to horizontal objects.  A tree never grows in the middle of the road (anywhere outside of Palo Alto CA) and a power pole is never placed there, so our minds somehow disregard vertical objects, but are very tuned to horizontal objects such as a bumper of a Detroit in front of us.  This effect was discovered by Dr. Hugh Harrison Hurt in the 1980s.


Bikes manufacturers recognized that motorcycles are mostly vertical features, which result in drivers failing to see, even if the frontal area is similar (Lotus drivers present less frontal area than many bikes, but they are more likely to be seen.)  The bike manufacturers experimented with adding horizontal features on the backs of some of their models, such as the touring bikes: 



This is an aft view of a rare breed called the Suzuki Cavalcade, which was built only three years in the 1980s.  Only about 9000 of them were ever built.  I own four of them.


We have a club.  In all the years, we have never heard of one being struck from behind.






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