[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

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Tue Aug 15 14:31:17 UTC 2017

The freeway is wide, so I know they won't hit me from behind,   spike

The short time I had a motorcycle I discovered that some people just don't
look for motorcycles.  They'd pull out in front of me like I wasn't even
there.  They look for cars and when they don't see any.....

Is this an ongoing problem for cyclists*?*

*bill w*

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> >...This is the really important fact about the VR future. If it becomes
> good enough, people don't leave home for *anything*!
> >...BillK
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> Ja if we can derive alternate profit models which allow for zoos and such
> things to stay in business, this is a reasonable forecast.
> Another possibility: people at the venue using VR as an augmentation.  This
> would be analogous to when those little portable TVs became available in
> about the 1980s.  Guys started taking them to stadium events.  The big fun
> was for the camera guys to sneak up behind them while they were watching
> the
> game in the stadium.  Then watch what they did once they realized they were
> watching their own backs on the screen.
> Regarding staying home: well, it would solve a bunch of problems, such as
> traffic.
> BillK over here we have an annual ritual involving the other kind of
> football, the one with pointy ends, called the Super Bowl, the last big
> game
> of the season, analogous to the FIDE championship match in chess, but with
> football.  It has become such a universal ritual to witness the event
> realtime, it makes it more fun to do what I do during that event: go for a
> motorcycle ride.
> It is a lot of fun, going out there on those big wide freeways with almost
> no one out there.  While doing that, I have been passed by crotch-rocket
> boys going 180 mph and I don't even know what that is in kph, I think 300.
> The freeway is wide, so I know they won't hit me from behind, or rather it
> has never happened yet, so I am hoping for the best.  But we can imagine
> some areas such as where I live have already reached peak traffic.
> spike
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