[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

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>...This is the really important fact about the VR future. If it becomes
good enough, people don't leave home for *anything*!


Ja if we can derive alternate profit models which allow for zoos and such
things to stay in business, this is a reasonable forecast.

Another possibility: people at the venue using VR as an augmentation.  This
would be analogous to when those little portable TVs became available in
about the 1980s.  Guys started taking them to stadium events.  The big fun
was for the camera guys to sneak up behind them while they were watching the
game in the stadium.  Then watch what they did once they realized they were
watching their own backs on the screen.

Regarding staying home: well, it would solve a bunch of problems, such as

BillK over here we have an annual ritual involving the other kind of
football, the one with pointy ends, called the Super Bowl, the last big game
of the season, analogous to the FIDE championship match in chess, but with
football.  It has become such a universal ritual to witness the event
realtime, it makes it more fun to do what I do during that event: go for a
motorcycle ride.

It is a lot of fun, going out there on those big wide freeways with almost
no one out there.  While doing that, I have been passed by crotch-rocket
boys going 180 mph and I don't even know what that is in kph, I think 300.
The freeway is wide, so I know they won't hit me from behind, or rather it
has never happened yet, so I am hoping for the best.  But we can imagine
some areas such as where I live have already reached peak traffic.


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