[ExI] dnc hacking story

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Tue Aug 15 19:25:55 UTC 2017

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>...The 'Russians did it' seems to be a cover story to cover up shenanigans
within the DNC.
The full analysis is here:


BillK, the most disturbing part of it is the risk that Putin is telling the
truth, that sneaky old commie.

No, that's the second most disturbing part.  The most disturbing part is
that the allegations caused relations to severely degrade between the US and
Russia.  Now we can't even negotiate trade agreements because the US press
will accuse POTUS of collusion.  Result: sanctions, which is a response
normally reserved for acts of military aggression, which resulted in the
commies ejecting most of our diplomats, which means... a cover story meant
to throw us off the trail regarding the murder of Seth Rich might carry two
nuclear-armed nations to the brink of war.

Sheesh, what a time.


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