[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

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>>…We have a club.  In all the years, we have never heard of one being struck from behind.  spike


>…Thanks, interesting info.  Four?

Ja.  1.4 liter V 4.

>… That's a lot of maintenance…

Ja. A lot of maintenance, the professional shops won’t touch them, so I maintain my bikes myself as well as a couple of riding buddies, or rather I used to.  One died, the other gave his Cade to me.  Suzuki motor company disowned us and practically denies ever having built the bike because of a design flaw which can cause the rear wheel to lock without warning.  

Google on Suzuki Cavalcade.  You will likely find my name somewhere as the statistics guy.  Reason: years ago, I came up with an idea.  I would gather all the known serial numbers and log what mechanical failures occurred at what mileage.  I discovered a failure cluster, the kind which my own first Cade experienced.  Suzuki motor company never owned up to it, never issued a recall.

>…  Antique bike tag?

Ja!  I now can get my tags at half price.

>…Easy solution:  go faster than those behind you and slower than those in front of you!  bill w

Ja, however if you are stopped at a traffic light and some drunken fool doesn’t see you in time, you can’t go forward and you can’t get out of the way.  That observation in Dr. Hurt’s report led to the California state legislature specifically repealing the law forbidding white lining on motorcycles.  The notion is that if you are coming up to a stop light, it is safer to go to the white line and even to split lanes to go up front, than it is to get in line.  Of course indestructible young men on crotch rockets now split lanes at freeway speeds, but hey, they are young, nothing can ever happen to them.  I was their age once.  I think.


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