[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 21:20:09 UTC 2017

 but hey, they are young, nothing can ever happen to them.  I was their age
once.  I think.

Yeah, me too.  When I finally got my driver's license, at age 15, I
developed a little game I played often: I tried to see how close I could
come to parked cars in my right.  I swear it must have been a few inches in
several cases.  Braindead at age 15, and revived much later.  No, was not
drinking.  Hate to think what would have happened had I been. Once when a
freshman in college, we went over the bridge where there were no blue
laws.  Drank about fifteen beers and decided to chug a half pint of rum on
the way back to the dorm.  Woke up a few hours later having vomited all
over myself - was supine.  Stood in the shower fully clothed and felt lower
than whale shit.  Truly a miracle that I did not aspirate it and die right
there.   Did that stop me?  Hah.  I quit drinking age 56. High IQ does not
equal having other kinds of intelligence.

 bill w

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 3:18 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

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> Attractions
> >>…We have a club.  In all the years, we have never heard of one being
> struck from behind.  spike
> >…Thanks, interesting info.  Four?
> Ja.  1.4 liter V 4.
> >… That's a lot of maintenance…
> Ja. A lot of maintenance, the professional shops won’t touch them, so I
> maintain my bikes myself as well as a couple of riding buddies, or rather I
> used to.  One died, the other gave his Cade to me.  Suzuki motor company
> disowned us and practically denies ever having built the bike because of a
> design flaw which can cause the rear wheel to lock without warning.
> Google on Suzuki Cavalcade.  You will likely find my name somewhere as the
> statistics guy.  Reason: years ago, I came up with an idea.  I would gather
> all the known serial numbers and log what mechanical failures occurred at
> what mileage.  I discovered a failure cluster, the kind which my own first
> Cade experienced.  Suzuki motor company never owned up to it, never issued
> a recall.
> >…  Antique bike tag?
> Ja!  I now can get my tags at half price.
> >…Easy solution:  go faster than those behind you and slower than those in
> front of you!  bill w
> Ja, however if you are stopped at a traffic light and some drunken fool
> doesn’t see you in time, you can’t go forward and you can’t get out of the
> way.  That observation in Dr. Hurt’s report led to the California state
> legislature specifically repealing the law forbidding white lining on
> motorcycles.  The notion is that if you are coming up to a stop light, it
> is safer to go to the white line and even to split lanes to go up front,
> than it is to get in line.  Of course indestructible young men on crotch
> rockets now split lanes at freeway speeds, but hey, they are young, nothing
> can ever happen to them.  I was their age once.  I think.
> spike
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