[ExI] Aquarium of the Bay Introduces New AR and VR Attractions

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There are plenty of things we don’t understand about the human mind.


 All in the future, I hope.  But I think, and a few big time brains have
agreed with me (!!) that probably environment counts more than genes,
though if you don't have the genes no environment will help.

Certainly musical ability is a great thing to have and being able to
measure it would turn some lives around, but it simply doesn't correlate
with IQ- and doesn't need to.  It is estimated that an IQ of 80 is
sufficient for a person to learn an instrument well enough to play in an
orchestra.  And how about artistic ability?  Same thing.  You can call
these intelligences and a few people do, but again, IQ is not involved.  I
would rather not confuse anyone and call these talents or something, but
not intelligence. But here is one list:

*The 7 Types of Intelligence & Their Characteristics:*

   - Linguistic Intelligence. ...
   - Logic Intelligence. ...
   - Kinaesthetic Intelligence. ...
   - Spatial Intelligence. ...
   - Musical Intelligence. ...
   - Interpersonal Intelligence. ...
   - Intrapersonal Intelligence.

bill w

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> >>… but hey, they are young, nothing can ever happen to them.  I was their
> age once.  I think.  spike
> >…Woke up a few hours later having vomited all over myself - was supine.
> Stood in the shower fully clothed and felt lower than whale shit.  Truly a
> miracle that I did not aspirate it and die right there…
> Ja, we lucky modern people can have plenty of fun without a drop of
> alcohol or… whatever units dope comes in.  Milligrams?  You don’t need any
> of it.  Young people can have so much fun now, the computer stuff, the
> virtual reality games, all the future they have to look forward to, oh my.
> No chemicals necessary, plenty of potential for wasting precious youth,
> plenty.
> I did a stupid-ass stunt on a motorcycle that could well have cost me my
> life, but I can’t blame alcohol.  It was just plain old natural stupidity
> rather than chemical induced.  Life went on.
> >…High IQ does not equal having other kinds of intelligence.  bill w
> What we define as high IQ is high ability on IQ tests.  Cool good for me,
> I have always liked doing those things.  They are like a puzzle or a game.
> The debate rages on about what it means, but consider the recent passing
> of a musician I really liked since forever, Glen Campbell.  That guy never
> had formal training, never read music, just seemed to be born with a
> talent.  He was a natural.  So where does that come from, and how do we
> measure it?  Why doesn’t that count as a form of IQ?
> Consider those who do great on IQ tests, but they seem so messed up in
> ways that surprise us.  You hang out with them for ten minutes and you want
> to say: Pal, whaaaat in the heeeellll is the matter with you?
> There are plenty of things we don’t understand about the human mind.
> spike
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