[ExI] Dark mass = FTL baryons?

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 09:47:56 UTC 2017

On 16 August 2017 at 12:25, Stuart LaForge <avant at sollegro.com> wrote:
> My exchanges with John Clark in the last month, caused me to ask an
> interesting question: What fraction of reality, by 4-D volume, lies inside
> of our past lightcone? I modelled reality as a 4-D hypersphere or 4-sphere
> in Planck units given by
> So our latest measurements have the fraction of visible matter at 4.9% and
> I have shown that special relativity predicts that you should only be able
> to see and be causally affected by 5.3% of the universe. Since the density
> of the universe at the largest scales is pretty uniform, I would expect
> that the percent 4-volume should approximate percent mass.
> So that would mean that dark matter and dark energy are spacelike or
> future timelike particles existing outside our past lightcone and
> therefore unable to be directly detected although they should still be
> able to bend spacetime with their mass.
> Perhaps this "dark mass" is simply baryons moving in FTL inertial frames
> that are protected from detection by event horizons and cosmic censorship?

Perhaps I am being too simplistic, but wouldn't this imply that dark
matter existed beyond our light cone? If dark matter only exists
beyond our light cone we could expect to see gravitational effects at
the edge of our visible universe affecting galaxies near the edge.
Whereas research seems to indicate that dark matter permeates our
visible universe and is clustered around our galaxies. We can even map
the areas where dark matter must be.



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