[ExI] Dark mass = FTL baryons?

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Thu Aug 17 12:17:09 UTC 2017

BillK wrote:

>Perhaps I am being too simplistic, but wouldn't this imply that dark
>matter existed beyond our light cone?

Yes, exactly that.

>If dark matter only exists
>beyond our light cone we could expect to see gravitational effects at
>the edge of our visible universe affecting galaxies near the edge.

We do. There is the phenomenon of dark flow.

>Whereas research seems to indicate that dark matter permeates our
>visible universe and is clustered around our galaxies. We can even map
>the areas where dark matter must be.

Yes, it is also much closer tucked inside and around our galaxies as well
but it is still outside our light cone. Remember that you can never see
the present moment. Light travels 30 centimeters or about one foot in one
nanosecond. Point at something nearby estimate the number of feet to it,
that's how many nanoseconds into the past you are looking. Something can
therefore be very close and still be outside your light cone for short
periods of time.

A dark matter woman could be passing within 5 feet of you at faster than
light. She wouldn't be very dense because she would have the same 50 kg
mass she does in her reality only in this reality it is spread diffusely
along a noodle around 75 light years long. She doesn't appear to move but
she only lasts for a nanosecond. You would have no way of detecting her.
She would have no way of detecting you. In her reality, you are the dark
matter and she is just doing her thing.

Think of being a Flatlander and having a very long wire drop through your
plane horizontally and the wire can pass straight through stuff. You would
have no way of seeing it.

I still have to hash out a lot of the math but that's the quick of it. As
they say, the devil is is in the details.

Stuart LaForge

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