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> So what's in the news today?  Repubs publicly questioning his sanity.

It's about time! 70%
​ ​
of Republicans say they'd still love Trump even if it could be proven
beyond a reasonable doubt that he colluded with the Russians to interfere
with the 2016 election, and 52% say they be OK with him canceling
​ ​
​ ​
election that we're suposed to
​ ​
on November 3 2020,
​ ​
57% if the Republican congress also says cancel it.

But in the next month Trump will face some challenges that could seriously
damage his popularity even with his base. If he doesn't sign a budget bill
by September 30 the government will shut down, that has happened before and
it's never helped the ruling party's popularity. Far more important if he
doesn't sign a debt ceiling increase by September 29 the government will go
into default, and that has never happened before; if we're very lucky that
will just cause a recession and nothing worse, but I wouldn't count on it.

By the way, Hurricane Harvey is intensifying rapidly and heading for east
Texas. I remember the way George Bush's bungled the aftermath of Hurricane
Katrina sent his popularity into a tailspin.

 John K Clark
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