[ExI] celebration: adrian's back! exi-list is talking to google once more!

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Aug 24 20:27:58 UTC 2017


Adrian was away, but it wasn't because he was annoyed with us.  Well, he
mighta been annoyed with us, but that wasn't why he was not posting.  It was
because the ExI-server was rejecting gmail.


Read on please:



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>.Christian confirms!   I look forward to it! :)




On 8/22/2017 1:57 PM, Adrian Tymes wrote:

Testing to see if I can post to the list again now.
>>.And for some content: Spike, Christian, and I have tentatively set up
a sushi dinner at Hanabi Sushi in Mountain View, California near 101 &
Rengstorff, next Monday 8/28 at 7 PM.  Will anyone else be able to
attend?  (Still waiting for Christian's confirmation too.)



And Spike confirms he can read a calendar:  28 August, Mountain View Hanabi,
be there or B^2.


I will bring along a big funnel, I'll just sit back, the waitresses can save
time by just tossing it in, no bother with ordering off the menu, I'll just
eat anything and everything, hope some joker doesn't come along and toss a
turd in there.





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