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>…Hurricane Harvey is a physics lesson for the public…The physics lesson is in how the continental shelf out east of Florida saps the strength of hurricanes.  If a direct hit comes in toward Cape Canaveral, the fury of the storm has often dropped by 2 categories from open sea to landfall.  But the gulf coasts, Texas, Louisiana, Mexico have far less protection from a long stretch of shallow water out there.  So when a storm such as Harvey, which would be a snoozer if it hit the east coast of Florida, is a huge deal in the Gulf…spike




Hmmm, I coulda shown insteada described.  


If you go into Google maps and hit Cape Canaveral, then go into Satellite View, zoom out, this shows what I was yakking on about:




When hurricanes come in from the east to the Cape, they are usually tired by the time they hit landfall, and you can see why.  We were told it is the hurricane equivalent of running in waist-deep water.


The really bad dangerous hurricanes are those which come in below Florida, pass to the south or directly over the commies and head into the blue water of the Gulf, then hit along the Mexican coast or Texas.


I think BillW lives down that way somewhere.  BillW, is all well with ye, me lad?



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