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Alan promises this is his last post on the subject.  OK, it's a deal:


Alan wrote:


[Spike, please post this; it'll be the last on the subject from me- and I
only post on avg. once a year anyway]


Reason Trump is worrisome is, he is similar to LBJ. Lyndon Johnson was not
incompetent and neither is Trump-- yet they are similar in their egomania.
Or is the condition called megalomania?

You naturally have heard that Teddy Roosevelt wanted to be: "the bride at
every wedding, and the corpse at every funeral."

Same with LBJ way back in the day-- and Trump to this day. Egomania is a
progressive condition, the concern is though Trump might not be a threat at
this time, in the years to come he might worsen considerably. Trump is the
most unpredictable president in decades, and as he ages he might say and do
some extremely foolish things. Better to play it safe by having him resign
for health reasons (thoroughly plausible for a man his age) and give Pence a
chance. Like that old song:

All We Are Saying, Is Give Pence A Chance.  Alan Brooks




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