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To everybody:


>…You guys are like a pack of wild dogs into which a pack of pork chops has been thrown, resulting in chaos and running every which way…


I disagree!  The wild dogs go straight for the chops.  We do the chaos and running about with no actual pork chops for a reward.  



>…The idea was AI humor.  But it's OK.  I guess that didn't attract any interest…


Ja, but we have no way to prove that we are not AIs ourselves.  Every gag might be AI humor.



>…Is there a dumber name for any animal than 'fly'?  Why isn't there an animal named 'swim'?  Or 'waddle', or 'run'?  We do have 'duck'.  bill w



How about goose?  I have never actually seen one do that, but it must have gotten the name somehow.





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