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So - now that everyone's info is out there somewhere, what do we do?


Freeze the Experian account so the bad guys can't get a credit report in our name?




bill w



I can see an upside to this.  Enough people’s private information was compromised that it would almost need to force credit companies to other means of verifying identity.  For instance, they could collect and store voice prints, they could require an applicant take and send a selfie with that day’s newspaper.  Scratch that, those went out of business.  They could have the applicant write the headline from some mainstream news source or that day’s stock market average, along with a selfie.  


We have long needed a better way to verify identity rather than the mother’s maiden name (which Ancestry.com ended.)  Now the huge Experian breach may force companies to do identity confirmation in a way that makes sense.



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