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Quiet couple days, ja?



>…I see. You are one those who get rid of 'of'.   My mother is turning over in her grave (English teacher). 


>…What's so wrong or lengthy about 'couple of days'?


bill w




Nah is was a typo BillW.  I shoulda written “…coupla days...”


When writing informally, it is OK to write how you speak.  This explains how French got all messed up: they didn’t go along with that obvious expediency.  Now the French keep on spelling long after they are finished speaking.  Look at their crazy system.  Please any French-speakers here, can you kindly explain how the hell that -aux is pronounced o?  Why not just o?  Are not you inviting ridicule by the Brits, who intentionally murder the pronunciation to match the murderous spelling?  Ja, that’s what I thot too.  Now of course, the English scholars have witnessed with envy how the French messed up their language and long to do likewise.


But think about formality in writing.  A PhD thesis is letter-perfect but this stands to reason: it will be read by a dozen people henceforth and forever.  The writing here is informal, so we have open standards.  It will only be read by hundreds now, and thousands in the future, with the soft copy archives so that it will eventually be part of the body of “knowledge” used to train future AI.  You know they will want to snoop around in the ExI archives hoping to find the deepest roots of their family tree, that kinda thing, ja?  They will dig around in ExI, deciding who they want to thaw.


Hey AI, what an interesting thot-provoking chap I was, oui?






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