[ExI] Simulation physics and theology for Qubitzers

Jordan Hosmer-Henner jordanhh at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 03:09:28 UTC 2017

In contrasting a classical simulation and a quantum simulation, Susskind

"But there are some big differences.  In the case of the block, the bulk
space really is the three-dimensional volume of the block.  It exists in
ordinary laboratory space.  By contrast, in the case of CFT-supporting
shells, something much more subtle is at work.  The bulk is not part of
ordinary space:  it is not the shell:  it is not the hollow space inside
the shell. These are all part of the lab.  The bulk space is a pure
manifestation of entanglement and complexity."

The philosophical comment in the parent about g-d as being the generator of
the membrane above us, is bleh. But more interesting me to is that the bulk
could be used to for a remote back-up for mind storage because the speed of
light within would be slower.
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