[ExI] Thousands of scientists pledge not to help build killer AI robots

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On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 6:50 PM,  <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
>>... Humanity is clearly on the verge of humanoid robots in form: ones 
> which are bipedal and look a lot like humans from a moderate distance.  
> We probably aren’t that close to AI, but imagine if… we had androids 
> which could be programmed to walk into some public space and start 
> shooting...When I say plenty, I mean 1%, which is plenty.

>...Consider the quadcopter drone.  An increasingly common sight, such that one buzzing around might attract looks but not alarm - until it began letting loose with a pistol concealed among its machinery.
(Perhaps a pistol with an extended magazine, whether or not those are illegal at the location of the shooting spree.)...
How would the shooter be found?  And if not, then what consequences (other than financial outlay, some hours of careful work, and the need to not do it again in the same area for a while) would the shooter suffer?


Ja, or the simpler solution: home-made explosives carried by quad copter into a crowded space, like a parade or sports event.  If a big event like the super bowl football contest is taking place, a bad guy could just release a cloud of flour.  The infidels would panic and trample each other.  I am reluctant to even post the notion for fear it could end mass spectacle sporting events.

As far as I can tell, we have no defense against that sorta thing, but we should.  At the last local July 4 fireworks display I noticed there were quad drones all over the place as pilots realized they could get a terrific show from inside the area where the explosions are taking place.  There is very little risk of a direct hit, no matter where you go (3D space is big.)  So... a bad guy could attack a patriotic crowd there too, with no way for us to catch the bastard.


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