[ExI] Thousands of scientists pledge not to help build killer AI robots

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Fri Aug 3 21:02:42 UTC 2018

On 01/08/2018 02:50, extropy-chat-request at lists.extropy.org wrote:
> My 2 guesses to explain The Great Filter are we are the first 
> (somebody has to be) or the robots fall victim to something like 
> electronic drug abuse.

A third possibility is that the aliens are all over the place, we just 
can't detect them. A combination of nanotechnology and uploading could 
mean civilisations simply shrink until they no longer have any 
detectable footprint from our POV. There would be several compelling 
reasons to do this, and it could even be an inevitable path for any 
advanced civilisations which don't destroy themselves.

Ben Zaiboc

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