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> Some women, I am informed, are able to shorten that to 0 minutes or
> nearly so.  Perhaps an early step is to learn how they do it, then
> come up with treatments to extend that capability to all women who
> want it.  (And then men - but that will take longer to perfect, and
> any serious attempt at this must start by serving those customers who
> can be served earliest.)
This made me laugh far too much upon reading it.

We have to be clear about experiences here. The woman in this equation is
not having multiple sexual encounters during this period, but experiencing
multiple orgasms. I know of a situation of a woman how had about 40 orgasms
in a 4 hour period.

Men can also experience multiple orgasm, believe it or not. Most straight
men, however, will probably not experience this. If you are interested, you
should take some time to Google "non-ejaculatory orgasms" and "prostate
orgasms". I think you can see the direction that this is headed.

An important question to answer here, is what exactly causes orgasms. I
think something informative about the answer to this question is that
corpses can have orgasms for quite a few hours after they die.

Which lead to the knowledge that orgasmscan be created by electrical
stimulation alone. There was an experiment where women were being treated
for back pain, and had electrodes placed inside the spinal cord. When the
device is powered, a certian percentage of women experienced orgasm, and
the scientist is currently trying to see if he can get the device studied
as a treatment for orgasmic function.

Since it is technically possible for both men and women to experience
multiple orgasm, the limits we currently experience in this regard are
likely physical, in the sense of remaining aroused and physically strong
enough to continue, rather than running up against a difficulty in the

With sufficent research, it should be possible to stimulate multiple orgasm
in both men and women with electrical stimulation alone.

However, there are severe roadblocks that have anything to do with women's
sexuality. Compared to male sexuality and reproductive health, there is
very little research in the same field for women. Look at the absurdly high
rate of ignorance of women's sexual dysfunctions in the medical community
if that fact wasn't already plain to you.
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