[ExI] Electoral College and 1177 BCE

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On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 10:06 AM,  John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com <mailto:johnkclark at gmail.com> > wrote:

>  There
> must be somebody on the list besides me that voted for Clinton but if there
> is he's yet to speak up.


>…I voted Clinton. I was tempted to vote for Trump as a joke, but then I worried he might actually be elected, and voted Clinton, because I thought the race would be close. If it had been any other Republican except Trump  I probably would have voted 3rd party…



It also matters which state you are in.  If one has libertarian views and lives in a free state (such as California, New York, Texas, etc.) then your vote cannot possibly swing the election, but… if a third party makes a strong showing, as it did this last time, then it influences the mainstream candidates to reach out to those third parties.


Voting third party isn’t about getting one’s own candidate elected (there will not be a Libertarian or a Green elected to high office in our lifetime) but notice how this last time around, neither of the mainstream candidates even tossed a bone to any of the third parties, not that I could tell.  If either mainstream candidate had taken most of Gary Johnson’s followers, that candidate would have easily taken a clean victory.


Most of us live in free states.  Exi-types tend to cluster more in free states.  So… vote for your favorite party.  Perhaps the second most dreadful mainstream candidate who wins the election will be influenced to add your third party to his or her coalition.


Make sense?  Does to me.



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