[ExI] Electoral College and 1177 BCE

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>>> Hillary got 2,864,974 more popular votes than Trump, Johnson got less
>>> than 1.3 million votes, however if she got just 77,000 more votes in 3
>>> states she would be president …  John K Clark
>> *>*
>> *That is my point exactly.  Had the second place winner merely tossed
>> Johnson’s followers a bone, anything, anything at all, perhaps a few
>> percent of those 1.3 million votes could have swung the election.  Good
>> point.*
> If 77,000 people in 3 states who call themselves themselves libertarians
> had voted for Clinton we would not now have the most anti-libertarian
> leader in the nation's history.

Were there enough that that could have swung the tallies?

Plus you're assuming they plausibly could have decided.  There are much
bigger motions at play.

Which is also why consciousness is related--perceiving of the human brain
as THE unit of consciousness will lead to a single-brain-centered
(monoanthropocentric?) view.  The reality is mass thoughts have much
greater significance than any single human's thought.  A single human
cannot stage a protest or fight a war.  Placing such individual blame is
pointless...Trump got elected because of ALL OF AMERICA, *not* just some of
it.  Any problems that we've let get so bad that this happened, we are all
to blame.
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