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Would you mind sharing the title of the book?

On Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 6:31 PM frank mcelligott <frankmac at ripco.com> wrote:

> In 1997 I had a heart attack. And John Clarke was on this list. I asked
> this list if they knew what I should do, and the list replied Dean
> Ornish.   Stop the red meat and give up coffee too, And I survived.  Thank
> you List. Then I read a book recommended by John Clarke, which changed the
> way I  viewed the world.  Thank you John.  My concern with the latest
> discussion is that it has a tone that has a direction toward anarchy.  To
> many smart people here for that to happen, but it is happening.  I am
> hoping it does not, as it has kept me alive,  allow me to see the world as
> it is, and opened my mind to many many  ideas I would never had gotten to
> by myself.
> Next subject  ok
> Frank
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