[ExI] playing psychologist

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Mon Aug 27 01:36:27 UTC 2018

William Flynn Wallace wrote:

>there are drugs, and I would include heroin, crack, and meth, that 
>are just too potent and too many irresponsible people who would not 
>only ruin their own lives, but the lives of their spouses and 
>children.  I hate making them illegal, but there is just too much 
>temptation for many people.  And I would not put people in jail for 
>distribution or usage:  I would make therapy and education 
>mandatory, though.  Repeated arrests could result in having to do 
>public works after work or on weekends.

What is the difference between those drugs and alcohol? Too many 
irresponsible people ruin their own lives, and the lives of their 
spouses and children.

As we punish people for the bad consequences of their inappropriate 
drinking choices, but not for drinking per se, so we should punish 
people for their drug-taking choices.

I make sober choices about alcohol. Mostly to rarely drink any. And 
were those drugs without legal consequences for use per se, I would 
make similar choices. Likely to never have any of them.

I've noticed we have an awful lot of rules because a handful of 
people don't behave. Most people don't shoplift, hijack planes, or 
kidnap children from playgrounds. Let's find ways not to treat them 
like they do.

-- David.

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