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>…Spike I have to say, originally JKC was waaaaayyy worse with the political stuff, but now I would say you two have become equally bad.


>…Not a character judgment, just a personal opinion.  Still love ya Spike-o.







Noted (thanks Will) but really where I was going with that post was the notion of cultural appropriation, not politics.


We can own intellectual property (patents) and we can own land.  We can own land collectively.  Where does the new notion of cultural appropriation fit?  How broadly shall it be used?  Is that analogous to a collectively-owned intellectual property patent?  Is the notion of cultural appropriation really new?  Or did it kinda start with rap?


We know that musicians sometimes cover songs written by others.  Weird Al Yankovich changes the words to make a new song with the same tune.  But you can also keep the style and the words then change the tune (plenty of examples of that.)  Old time crooner Pat Boone did an experimental album where he took acid rock, kept both the words and the tune but translated it into his style.


Perhaps you will recall No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper.  That one was kinda comedic, as one tries to picture the acidic Alice Cooper opening doors for little old ladies, going to church and such, describing himself as having been a sweet, sweet thing.  OK, now imagine Pat Boone, who really is easy to imagine doing those things.  His version of the song keeps the words but replaces it with his style.  That too is comedic, as we struggle to picture Boone “feeling mean” and Reverend Smith punching him in the nose, etc.


Oddly enough, Boone’s version works.  It is melodic, easy to listen to, an improvement over Cooper’s original


Now, consider Rap.  Never mind the propriety of it all.  Try to imagine Pat Boone doing a JayZ cover.


The mind boggles.


This all goes back to the notion of cultural appropriation.  If such a thing is to be embraced, does it really make it inappropriate for Americans and Europeans to practice yoga, assuming they cut the spiritual aspect and do the stretches?


How valid is the notion of cultural appropriation?























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Subject: [ExI] The Doomsday Clock


>… Oh well, at least we don't have to face the horrors of Hillary's Email server… ​ John K Clark​


Amazing!  We were so puzzled over the BleachBit to clean up that server, with the reason given that it contained yoga routines.  Today we find out… that yoga is more politically damaging than appearing to destroy subpoenaed evidence!  There may have been actual literal yoga on there.


Check it out:




Who knew?  That one took me by surprise when I thought I had seen it all.





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