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>>…So now I ask: in what sense can it be said that it makes sense to scorn the notion of cultural appropriation?  And if we do, why is it Americans don’t seem to have much heartburn when we see other cultures appropriating stuff we invented?





>…Do the Irish care when non-Irish celebrate St Pat's day?  Nah.  They welcome the participation.  In fact, others' joining in validates their culture, not appropriates it. 


No, Spike - it makes no sense at all.


bill w




Well there is that, but Irish might be a special case.  If you ever do one of those 70 dollar DNA tests, it is very difficult to find a person who isn’t part Irish.  If they are recent (last century) immigrants from Africa or Asia, they won’t have any probably, but anyone with European ancestry seems to turn up with that in there.  I didn’t even know until I took the test.  I would bet you have Irish BillW.



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