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>>> The Indians should have, from the beginning, appropriated American's culture and just blended in to it.  But they knew only one way of life, a Stone Age one, and so did not adapt then and still haven't, existing on federal handouts and casinos.  Put another way, they didn't have marketing skills.
>> Wow. Blame the victim much?
> ### Savages killed civilized people whenever they could spare time from killing each other. They lost. Good riddance. 
> And then came Rousseau with his silly fantasies.

The Sand Creek massacre was carried out against a peaceful tribe. The various removals — the Trail of Tears being the most famous one — were ethnic cleansing not of people committing savage acts but of people in inconvenient areas (areas listed after by would be farmers and would be gold miners). These are not examples of dealing with military or criminal threats. Imagine if your neighbors wanted your property and decided that sending you off sans all you owned say what you could carry to live in some barren region. Or imagine your neighbors decided that you simply were — as in the Sand Creek massacre — too much like people they didn’t like or were afraid of, so it’d be better if the troops rode in and wipe you and your loved ones. In effect, you’re arguing for that above.


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