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​​> ​>…Read this:




2.7 IQ points is not within sampling error, as long as our sample is large enough.


>…If I Google ( liberal conservative IQ ) the first 4 hits bring up studies that say liberals are smarter, but to tell the truth I don't think those studies or the one you mentioned about how being conservative correlates with IQ are worth much because the word "conservative" no longer means anything. …John K Clark 




That’s part of the problem but I see something even bigger: there is no clear way to establish a means of averaging the population.  How do you get a representative cross section of people of a particular political persuasion to take an IQ test?  How do you describe the results?  Average the scores?  What if some sneaky researcher got the audience of some daytime game show to take a test?  What if you did a test at a Boy Scout meeting?  You can make that test come out any way you want.


So this goes back to a question I had earlier: if we wanted to do these kinds of studies, do we have anything already in place which we can kinda think of as a proxy for collective IQ?  I came up with one idea: statewide SAT scores.  We also know how a particular state votes (as a group.)  So… looks to me like we can (kinda sorta) correlate those, if we can somehow figure out how to compensate for spending per student and for the fact that some states require all the students to take the SAT, some only have the college-bound crowd take it, and some states have all but the known-learning-impaired students take it.






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