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>…Also, who's pocket is that universal income going to come out of? 


Donors!  Cool, I’m in:




In a sense, we kinda sorta already have a form of universal income, depending on how you look at it.


In the Silicon Valley, the prices of any living structure has gone from crazy to absurd and now that the Apple Mothership has landed and Elon Musk has moved into the neighborhood, rents have risen steeply from there.  We know we can never afford to house homeless people here.  No way.  We get that.  But we can feed and clothe people here.


Our local scouts do food collections and coat drives for the poor, and do let me assure you, that is a rewarding task: we get tooooooonnnns of stuff every time we do it.  So we haul it all to the local food bank, where the biggest job is sorting out and discarding the expired food and stacking the rest of it in a shipping container.  Anyone who needs food (and some other items) can come to the food bank and have whatever they need.  Except a roof over their heads.  We can’t do that.  We can’t even wave at one from there.


The whole thing got me to thinking: we as a society can produce pleeeenty of food for everyone and even support all of it pretty easily with donations; likewise with clothing.  But at least some areas… we are nowhere near able to house the needy.  A mutual assured income doesn’t get them 5% of the way to a rent payment even in the best-case realistically-imaginable situation.


We are seeing homeless communities pop up here and there, people living in motorhomes and such, but these are being actively discouraged.







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