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>>…What happens to old languages when we need all the words and grammatical constructs to describe new technology?  Navajo doesn’t have words for cars, cell phones, computers, all the cryptic technology stuff we have now.  How do these original languages manage?


>…Right, that's why we had to abandon English when we got all of that new tech. :-) Obviously, we came up with new words.






Oh is that what caused us to abandon English?  I thought it was rap.  A local teen hangout where I go for excellent authentic Mexican burritos once a week (takeout) plays rap.  I assume it is in English or some dialect loosely based on English, but I can seldom understand a bit of it.  I understand some individual words, but the concepts are not part of my word (I assume rap has concepts.)  


I listened to the rhythmic speech rapper JayZ uttered at a political campaign event, had very little idea what he was going on about.  It wasn’t much like Karen Carpenter and John Denver.



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