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>…  People that do that, naturally, able to form larger hierarchies, and better well defining who they are, and who the heathens are, the more survivable the large co-orating group....

Brent Allsop



Ja.  Even the most introverted among us may know the great joy and feels-so-rightness of being part of a big group acting in unison.  My best example is a marching band.  A hundred or more teenagers marching out in unison on the football field and blasting the wildly cheering crowd out of their socks is a feeling I can scarcely compare to any other.  

Think of religion as a kind of technology that gets people moving and acting in focused and disciplined unison.  I know it leads to the controversial notion of group selection in evolution, but I have been a believer in group selection ever since I read Darwin’s description of it.  That whole notion makes sense to me, how you can simultaneously have individual selection and group selection acting at the same time.  

Religions promote group selection.  Brent, it’s why we have so many LDS people.  We are happy about that.


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