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> Think of religion as a kind of technology that gets people moving and acting
> in focused and disciplined unison.  I know it leads to the controversial
> notion of group selection in evolution, but I have been a believer in group
> selection ever since I read Darwin’s description of it.  That whole notion
> makes sense to me, how you can simultaneously have individual selection and
> group selection acting at the same time.  
> spike


Have you ever read 'The Extended Phenotype' - Dawson's follow up to 'The Selfish Gene'?  
I found it the more enlightening read to be honest. Once you grok the concept
of the unit of evolution being the replicating entity itself , the rest of The
Selfish Gene' just followed naturally.  'The Extended Phenotype' extends that
into areas that were not as obvious, such as modifying environments, group
selection, and indirect selection.


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