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Fri Feb 23 03:46:58 UTC 2018

Spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

>Eh, that is an easy one too: the kings and nobles needed some means of convincing the young men to go out and risk death on the field of battle.  They offered them honor (which has its costs in a sense), and in some cases land (which is expensive.)  But to offer them 72 virgins or an eternal afterlife was cheap.

Spike, the rules of EP is that for most purposes you have to consider
the conditions of a 100,000 years ago, not 1000 years.  Think
primitive nomads.

There are exceptions, such as the high selection of "capitalist
values" that Dr. Gregory Clark reports on.but they are rare.

> Somewhere in this discussion I am looking for the notion that religious people work together well as a team.

That might be true.  But before agriculture some 10,000 years ago, the
only thing people worked together on was attacking or defending.

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