[ExI] Organics in them there hills?

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 21:15:27 UTC 2018

If Mars was habitable (in terms of Earth life) 3.5 billion years ago,
then--depending on the f_1 coefficient in the Drake Equation--the simplest
explanation for organics could be that it was indeed [in]habited.

If this is the case, then--depending on the f_i coefficient, and the
probability of developing reliable short-distance space travel as well as
of developing technology for terraforming (I guess it would be
marsiforming)--I find it easy to believe that Earth was pushed towards
developing life by an intelligent civilization on Mars.

In fact, the probability of this having occurred is almost the same as the
probability of life having developed on Earth, just with the onus shunted
to a Martian origin (and multiplied by the marsiforming likelihood

Look at it this way: we have, very literally, barely scratched the surface
of Mars, and we've already found organic molecules.  That lends credibility
to rejecting the null of no life on Mars.

If we find that *some* organics developed on Mars at a time when it was
like Earth, chances seem high that a *lot* of organics developed; please
correct me if this is a foolish belief.

If we had within our reach a planet which we knew bore the characteristics
of Earth before life developed, and we were stable enough to focus on
interplanetary shit, and there was a consensus that active experimentation
on the conditions for the formation of life was more important than
potentially upsetting an already extant quasi-experimental development of
early life molecules on that planet, I'm relatively sure that we would be
trying to see what kind of actions to the planet caused life-like entities
to form, or even putting our own lifeforms there and seeing if they took.

Just wondering, is that a crazy belief to have?  Or do y'all think it's
plausible that Martian civilization seeded life on Earth?
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