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Dear Tara,
Check out the United Nations Law of the Sea

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, 6:44 AM Tara Maya <tara at taramayastales.com> wrote:

> China has been frightening its neighbors with its exaggerated claims in
> the South China sea. But is it so terrible to build new islands in the
> ocean, if it weren’t for the missiles China is planting there?
> Given our level of technology, the deep blue is no longer a wilderness,
> and maybe it’s time to rethink treating the ocean as a Commons, to be
> abused by anyone, or fought over by the law of the jungle. Maybe we should
> re-draw borders in the sea, and actually assign each bit of the ocean to …
> well, that’s the rub. To who?
> I am interested in the Seasteader movement, but I don’t see how they are
> going to uphold claims to new colonies without a navy. Perhaps it would be
> better to divide up the sea among existing countries and then allow them to
> sell of the ocean to individuals or groups as a way to raise money.
> This would turn the ocean into property, but we would still want to
> protect the right of passage, so perhaps it could be a form of entailed
> property, which requires that the owners allow passage of shipping and sea
> life and water itself, etecera. I’m just throwing out ideas to see if any
> of you smart folks have better ones!
> Tara
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