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Emotional reactions to situations involving children should be expected. It’s survival instinct. If we didn’t have an instinct to protect children, humans would not still exist. The human brain doesn’t fully develop until the mid twenties.

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> https://study.com/academy/lesson/mass-hysteria-moral-panic-definitions-causes-examples.html
> Today the exaggerated emotions of both religionists and far-leftists are on full display.
> Religionists become super-emotional concerning the unborn. Far leftists have a new cause--
> yet the same teary-eyed reactions. The latest, and perhaps most hysterical, cause for far-leftists is illegal (or 'undocumenteds', if one prefers) immigrant families, who are split apart after immigrating. "The poor innocent children," goes the mantra: the emotions are identical to religionist reaction to abortion.
> Sobbing; finger-pointing (it is usually Someone Else's fault for abortion and split illegal immigrant families) are dominant in each case. How otherwise stable grown men and women become hysterical re these issues is more mysterious than the issues themselves.
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