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John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 00:53:55 UTC 2018

  Alan Brooks
​ wrote:​

> *​>​Not that *far-leftists* are mistaken, yet they may be using the
> child-separation issue as a political weapon; meaning children are being
> politically-weaponized by both sides. What is irksome is that someone
> says:"children",and we are automatically supposed to become saddened.Pavlov
> rings a bell, says "children"-- and someone becomes unhappy.*

It would be difficult to complain about children being kidnapped if one is
not allowed to use the word "children"; and it seems to me that sadness and
anger are the emotions a civilized person should have when hearing about
those, ah, small young humans being abused, especially if it is being done
in their name.

And speaking of Pavlovian conditioning, its been a year and a half since
the election but Trump's knuckle draggers were so well conditioned that as
recently as last night during one of his Nuremberg rallies Trump just had
to say the word "Hillary" and the mob immediately salivated and started a
thunderous "LOCK HER UP" chant.

 John K Clark

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