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>>What's the best way to save your DNA for your children?


>> It’s really easy if you are male. Hey this sounds like a great idea for Alcor. 


>…Each sperm would only contain half your genome, and another sperm picked at random is astronomically unlikely to contain the other half that's needed. A better way to preserve your DNA would be to just put your toothbrush in a plastic bag. A even better way would be to have Alcor freeze your entire brain with liquid nitrogen as that will preserve a lot more than just DNA.  John K Clark





Eh, there is that.  But no worries, we can deal.  Just collect the drool while the first sample is being produced, then preserve both.  We could invent and market a device, a kind of facemask-like thing, designed specifically for collecting the latter (and another device for the former for that matter) and make money while we are at it.


This whole thing has me thinking: I can see some really good justifications for preserving both the complete DNA and all that jizz.  Reasoning: suppose someone lives to be 114 with no easily-identifiable secret to a long healthy life.  Then suppose you find out from the internet archives that he was a hell of a good guy, smart, witty, imaginative and so on (hey now I all need to do is live to be 114 (oh wait, add modest to the list of virtues (I am the local champion of modesty.)))  That guy would be highly regarded in the fertility clinic.


Well hell, why not?  I can see this happening.







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