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>…This whole thing has me thinking: I can see some really good justifications for preserving both the complete DNA and all that jizz.  Reasoning: suppose someone lives to be 114 with no easily-identifiable secret to a long healthy life…That guy would be highly regarded in the fertility clinic…spike



Further thinking please (we modesty-champions are known for further thoughts…):


If we go with the notion of having Alcor preserve the old kickapoo joy juice, then we might want to collect and preserve the sample earlier in life (reduced risk of heart attack or stroke for instance (and we know everything is still fully functional.))


If so, all that DNA contains a few carbon 14 atoms, about a part per trillion.  Our carbon comes from our food and drink, ja?  I don’t know the exact mechanism, but I would think the little swimmers are constantly being renewed and regenerated on a short cycle, so here’s an idea: devour special food and drink with the C14 removed for a month or two before one anticipates preserving one’s seed.  Since the stuff might need to be preserved for a long time, a half a century or more, then you don’t want that stuff decaying and breaking up that good healthy DNA, ja?


Of course, during the C14 purge period, one needs to be sure to get rid of the older C14-rich swimmers, offering a perfectly legitimate excuse (REASON rather, not excuse, reason) for one’s behavior.


I have an idea how we could create C14-free food, for C14 is a lot easier to separate using centrifuges than is U235 (Reasoning: 14/12 > 238/235 by a lot.)  So we create a sealable greenhouse made entirely of glass only and sealed with silicon bathtub caulk.  Grow C14-free veggies in there by first flushing the volume with lab-grade nitrogen, then re-introducing some lab-grade oxygen and a bit of water vapor, then send in your specially-made C14 free CO2 so your veggies can breathe.  A few months later: carbon-14 free veggies, which the rich guy buys from… well… me, at a scandalous profit of course, but he doesn’t care because he’s rich and… ehhh… distracted by the… procedure of preparing to preserve his non-radioactive progeny.


Anyone want to join me?  We can even come up with one of those cutesy business names so popular these days, such as: The Jizz Bizz?







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