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>…A whole buttload of money - again.  How many schemes have you had?


Don’t know.  Lost count.


>…Some serious?  Maybe this will work out for you…


Ya never know.


>…Is drool better than hair?


Drool is easier to collect, but keep in mind, hair itself will not work.  It has to have the follicle with it. Owwww…



>…I'll put up all of my savings, some $3.50 for your company.    I'll take half the profits for the idea.


Ideas don’t make profits.  Companies do.


>…  Now why didn't I take that idea to the car companies?  Never occurred to me…


See above.  Unless someone puts up a lot of money at risk, there is no profit.  Ideas are cheap.


>…How do you protect yourself from others stealing your ideas?  Walk into the car company's president'office and tell him the future.   He'll say thanks and goodbye and you'll never make a penny out of it.  bill w


Ja of course, but ideas are not valuable.  Having one that people will invest in, that is valuable.  Just ideas, not.  I have an infinite supply of ideas.  I am full of it.  THEM rather, full of them: ideas.  Lots of ideas.  Nothing worth investing in.


Here’s another one: that previous notion of creating carbon 14-free food so that donors can supply more durable DNA would result in some refined or enriched carbon 14 extracted from the sample to be made into veggies.


OK now, get some of that stuff, the right heat and pressure, create C14-rich soot.  Now, archaeologist discovers fossil estimated to be about 100k yrs old, a wooly mammoth or something.  Creationist sneaks in with the C14-rich soot, gives it a light dusting, sneaks away.  Archaeologists finish digging out fossil, send it in for analysis, comes back 5000 years old, creationist shows those evil old archaeologists the biblical flood was right.


Then we get to reveal the gag.


Oh what fun that would be.


There’s an idea for you BillW: a way to cause the C14 tests to show way younger than the material really is.


Ready to invest your $3.50?









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